This sofa in classic  Chesterfield style is the quintessence of chic and refinement. It is comfortable, beautiful and will work well in living rooms, family rooms or office spaces. It’s not surprising that this type of furniture has been highly valued by connoisseurs of the best design for years. 



3 Seater Sofabed:                       2 Seater Sofabed:

      Width: 240 cm                       Width: 190 cm

     Deept:    90 cm                        Depth:  90 cm

      Hight:     85 cm                        Hight:    85 cm

 Seat Hight: 50 cm                 Seat Hight: 50 cm

Seat Width: 57 cm                 Seat Width: 57 cm


Sleeping Area:                                Sleeping Area:

Width: 180 cm                                 Width : 130 cm

 Depth:  85 cm                                Depth:    85 cm


Rozana sofas 3 + 2