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Fluffy Comfort mattresses produced with 7 Zone Pocket Spring Technology quickly adapt to your body curves, while the high-density comfort layers they contain balance body pressure and help provide optimum support. The form of the natural layer used in the sleeping pad designed to increase your comfort is in the form of tiny curls. This form allows them to work as natural springs within the bed. It also provides natural air circulation and prevents you from sweating. Thanks to its moisture control and anti-bacterial properties, it prevents the formation of fungi and moulds that can harm your skin in your mattress. It is durable due to its structure, and its form does not deteriorate even at high weights. The viscose satin fabric used on the mattress surface increases air flow and opens the doors of a unique sleep for you, thanks to its soft texture and easy-breathable structure.

Fluffy Memory Foam Mattress with pillow top

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